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Happy Juice Success Stories

Let's get real here!! I LOOOOVVE Happy Juice!! 💕

And I mean L-O-V-E!!

I struggled for MONTHS (8+ months) with interrupted sleep, waking 2-3x a night, racing thoughts, not being able to shut my brain off, not to mention night sweats, brain fog .... you get the idea.

Sleep regulation with my crazy work schedule (I'm a cop who works overnights and 4-12 details/doubles etc) has been a freaking nightmare!! I was never able to get a solid nights sleep or quality rest.

Hello spiked cortisol levels, gut issues and weight gain. And no matter what I did... nothing helped.

Insert Happy Juice and my sleep has been amazing lately. For those of you struggling with sleep ... peri-menopause, menopause, racing thoughts, anxiety, etc.

Happy Juice, Mood+ & Sleep for the win!!
Now I sleep like a baby!!

And I've started dropping inches & weight.... FINALLY!!

- Tracy

You’ve heard me talk about Happy Juice. This has been a lifesaver for me by increasing my serotonin and dopamine levels while lowering my stress hormone, cortisol.

About two weeks ago, my son asked me a question and cringed at the same time. It was as if he was nervous to ask me the question. That is when I realized the impact my own burn-out has had on my children. It was my ah-ha moment!

My kids weren’t sure what mom they were going to get- the stressed-out, quick-to-blowup mom or the fun, cool mom they used to like to be around. Mind-blowing moment and Happy Juice for the win! 🤯

- Kate

From medicated to medication free - I feel less stressed, less depressed, and more energized!

My experience with Happy Juice and Mood+ have been amazing!

I used to struggle with really bad depression and anxiety. The medication helped me not feel suicidal but left me feeling numb. I knew I couldn’t stay on medicine for the rest of my life.

That's when I decided to try Happy Juice and Mood+, and I'm so glad I did!

Along with other wellness practices, these products have made a huge difference in my life.

I feel great and I'm happy to say that I worked with my psychiatrist to ween off my antidepressant medications.

My energy, focus, and mood have all improved, and I've noticed a significant increase in my stress resilience.

If you're looking for a natural way to manage your mental health symptoms, I highly recommend giving Happy Juice and Mood+ a try.


I found a natural protocol that I’ve been following and I FINALLY KNOW I’m on the right path. The protocol not only helps balance my gut health and brings down inflammation, but I’ve been waking up feeling happy and even optimistic. I’m not worried about what’s coming anymore.

I have more energy now than I have in YEARS! I haven’t had coffee or an energy drink in over two weeks!

Every day it has been getting better.

I want to get moving and get out of the house. I look forward to being with my kids and husband and traveling!

I have even lost a few stubborn pounds! 🎉

I am blown away by what a difference this is making for me.

If you’ve been struggling with any of these things, talk with Jess. What if this helps you as it helped me?


Before I joined Amare, I struggled greatly with feeling depressed and anxious, low energy, severe IBS, sleep issues, brain fog, difficulties with concentration/focus, joint pain, and I was about 50 lbs. heavier than I am now.

My daily Happy Juice, Mood+ and MentaFocus have changed my life in ways I never imagined.

My doctors told me I would never be able to get off the medications I was on for 20 years… I proved them wrong and I no longer take any of them. I don’t miss feeling numb and all the other side effects that came with them.

Now I wake up excited for the day, I have energy, and there’s a night and day difference in my concentration and productivity.

I don’t worry as much, feel way more resilient to stress, and I “graduated” from working with a therapist at the end of 2022.

One day I just noticed that I no longer had all the issues with joint pain and IBS… all the symptoms that held me back for years from being active and not having to worry about where the closest bathroom was were gone!

I’m now sleeping better than I have in years and no longer need to use a CPAP at night (Goodbye, Darth Vader).

I’ve gone on to add GBX Fit and GBX Burn to help me release more weight and so far I’m down 10 lbs! I can’t wait to report back in a few more months about my progress.

If you’ve been struggling with any of these things and like the idea of managing your symptoms naturally, I can’t recommend Amare products enough. Give them a try… what if they help you as they did me?


Anxiety | Brain Fog | Fatigue | Lack of Energy | Irritable | Stress

All of 👆 was the vicious cycle I was in and I had decided it was just the way life was going to be for me.

I had been anxious for as long as I remember, but the brain fog, lack of sleep, irritability and lack of energy was something that hit me in the face like a ton of bricks a few years ago.
My anxiety medicine wasn’t working and in fact, I felt like it magnified my symptoms.

Earlier this year, I thought I would try Edge. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much, but I was willing to try because I was tired of feeling this way.

Fast forward, I graduated to The Happy Juice Pack, because Edge made a big difference and I wanted more.

The Happy Juice Pack has changed my life. I wake up rested with energy, focus and my irritability is gone. I am chill!! I have zero anxiety! I crush my to-do list every day!

I feel like I have my life back and in fact, I feel like I have a brand new life because anxiety has been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember.

- Christie

I have been drinking Happy Juice daily for a couple of months now and I haven't slept this well in over 10 years!


Before I started with Happy Juice and Happy Hormones, I was living life with a body that was destroyed after battling breast cancer 6 years ago. Undergoing chemo, radiation, and multiple surgeries left me feeling exhausted, a new insomniac (unable to sleep), brain fog, difficulty thinking and finding my words, menopausal, and just anxious all the time.

My doctors (bless them for keeping me alive) had told me I was just gonna have to find a way to live with my symptoms because I could never take hormones, and be very careful of what I put in my body.

I'm so grateful I found Amare's natural products! With that help I was able to restore my sleep and get off Unisom and Melatonin. I went from sleeping 4 hours to getting a solid 7 hours. I am no longer exhausted ALL day. I can think clearly, I can talk with improved ease, and my memory is ever getting better again!

And don't get me started on my libido being back!!! All I can say is 🔥 FIRE!

Thank you so much for your all of your support!!!


Okay, so picture this: I'm a tired, grumpy
mess. I'm dragging myself through the day,
chugging coffee just to stay awake. And
don't even get me started on the afternoon
slump - I practically need toothpicks to
keep my eyes open.

Then, a friend introduces me to the magical
elixir known as "happy juice." It's a
combination of fruits, prebiotics, and
probiotics that promises to give me energy,
make me happier, and keep me from being
short-fused. Sounds too good to be true,

But I decide to give it a shot anyway. I take
a sip and...holy cow. It's like I just got struck by lightning (but in a good way). Suddenly, I'm bouncing off the walls with more
energy than a toddler on a sugar high. No
more afternoon naps for me!

And the best part? I'm actually happy. Like,
genuinely happy. I find myself smiling at
strangers on the street, singing along to
the radio in my car, and generally just
enjoying life more. It's like I've been living in a black and white movie, and now
everything's in full color.

Even my short fuse has been replaced by a
sense of calm. I'm no longer snapping at
people for no reason (sorry, coworkers),
and I'm able to handle stress with a level
head. It's like I've been given a superpower,
and it's all thanks to this happy juice.
Of course, there are downsides. I've
started to annoy my friends with my
new-found energy and happiness. They're
used to the grumpy, tired version of me,
and now I'm practically skipping down the
street like a cartoon character. But hey, I'll
take annoying my friends over feeling like a
zombie any day.

So, if you see me sipping on my happy
juice, just know that I'm not crazy (well, not
completely). I've just discovered the secret
to happiness and energy, and I'm not going
back to the dark side.

Cheers to happy juice! 💯

- Gregory

Jess has been a beacon of light, hope, and inspiration during a very dark time in my life. I was severely overweight, depressed, and didn’t believe things could change.

Jess was my wake-up call that I deserved better. She reframed my mindset that I didn’t have to feel ashamed about the past or my weight. Because she believed in me I began to believe in myself.

By introducing me to natural protocols, continuing to provide me support, and sharing her own weight loss and transformational journey— it gave me the spark I needed. Jess ignited an unstoppable force in me that I thought I had lost.

As my biggest cheerleader and confidant, she made my weight loss journey so much more relieving— having me implement small changes at a time and celebrate each and every win.

To date, I am down 44 pounds and my confidence is soaring. I am excited about what’s coming and so thankful I have Jess by my side.

Jess Brown is a blessing for anyone looking for that self-confidence you’ve been yearning for and feeling good in your own skin.


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