Meet Jess!

Hello! I’m Jess Brown. I'm a wife, dog lover, backpacker, health nut, and entrepreneur. For years, I had a career that didn't light me up and affected my health greatly. I began searching for something I could do on my own terms, that I could do for a living. Having freedom, security, and leveraged income was what I was looking for and is exactly what I found!

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"I Want My Own Thing!"

Have you ever thought that? Or maybe for you, it's one of these...

"My family needs me to be more available!"
"I'm so burned out and unhappy in my job."
"I could REALLY use some extra income!"
"I wish I had the money to travel more."

Whatever your story is, this could be right for you!

Let's do this!

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“You have a chance to live your dream; do not let it vanish into the mists of the morning.” — Byron Pulsifer

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